copyright music and retirement video

So,I can’t find a really good definitive answer to this so, I’m asking here. I want to use a popular song currently on the market for a retirement video that will be given to one person with a disclaimer to not to share to social media because of the music.
If I purchase the song, should I have a problem with copyright? How do you ask for permission to use a background song. We may show the video at a faculty party in the fall (COVID prevents a party now).

Good question. Does it need to be the original? Just wondering if a karaoke version might work.

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even if you upload on youtube as a private video… I would assume its ok. Youtube automatically flags it as copyright claim for audio used and you cant monetize on that video. Other than that, Youtube lets you keep the video posted. Hope this helps.
I would also put credits in the end… mentioning the audio track original.


Even is you purchase the song, that is for your own personal listening. You do not have the rights to distribute the music. You are right to ask people to not post it on social media. If you want to share the video, you can just share the file from your Google Drive and people can click on the link and watch the video. Make sure your share settings will allows anyone to access and test out the link using incognito mode (private browsing) )in your browser.


@mary.crews I recommend the work of Diana Gill. Here’s her book: